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CEO of Caterpillar, Doug Oberhelman stated: “Our decisions, and ultimately our actions, tell the world who we are at Caterpillar.

To that effect, this site has been created. CATSCAT.NET, along with a letter writing campaign to editors. It is intended to expose, decisions and actions of Caterpillar that may be contrary to their Code of Conduct or might otherwise have negative consequences.


It is my intent to maintain and update this website and continue a letter writing campaign, and over time this website will develop into something that is less about my own personal experience and more about others experiences and Caterpillar in the news... exposing Caterpillar ethics for what they really are.

One might ask why?

The answer is simple. In 20+ years of working in the manufacturing industry, I have never been exposed to an organization, where (in my opinion) the lack of ethics is so blatant. The number of questionable activities and conduct violations I experienced in one department of Caterpillar exceeded that of all of the other companies, where I have been employed, combined. There are "bad apples" in every company but what stood out above all, and drove me to create this site, was the degree to which this lack of concern extended. It went through no less than 4 levels of management, as well as 4 levels of HR. Rather than be concerned about the misconduct that was reported, and the retaliation that was taking place, upper Caterpillar management, including HR, did not stop the retaliation, and, in a way, facilitated the attacks. The attacks were constant, and malicious. While Managers and HR spent their time and efforts looking for cause against, arguably, the highest contributor in the department, whose actions were always in line with Caterpillar policy, others in the department were allowed to, and continued to, commit gross violations of policy and were rewarded. Upper management and HR, even after personally hearing  managers admit to making accusations that were not true, seeing evidence of real and gross misconduct in the department, and verifying that  personal attacks continued, did nothing. The situation or effects of these misdeeds were never rectified.

 The managers were never held accountable. Any investigation must have been superficial since no documents  were ever accepted or requested, and people who gave permission to site them as references to HR with regards to the misconduct in the department and retaliation, (Including plant managers, work directors, coworkers, suppliers and others), stated that were never contacted.


Doug Oberhleman stated: “Accountability is a critical way that we measure leaders at Caterpillar, and it is my expectation that leaders set an example and are accountable for their actions and results.” 


When I began to establish this website, I began to see that there is more to the "example" that leaders have set, and realized that Caterpillar has a way of doing business, a "Catitude" if you will.

Although I no longer work for Caterpillar, if anything, I would hope that this site not only exposes the ethics and "Catitude" to people in general, but that those, in positions to do something, can read it and  make changes to improve the company that I once loved so much.





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POSTED 11/26/2013

SCAT NEWS and Twitter: Decatur Tribune letter to Editor Did Caterpillar have financial dealings with Blagojevich

POSTED 11/22/2013

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Caterpillar probed for dumping parts in ocean

CAT NIP: Posted bumper-stickers, tell us which is your favorite

POSTED 11/19/2013

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Did Caterpillar have financial dealings with Blagojevich

POSTED on yahoo business  11/18/2013

Caterpillar profits are still at record highs compared to the previous 10 years. Sometimes companies can cut to deep to try to keep investors investing. But if they lose too much blood, then even when the hemorrhaging stops, they become too weak to answer the call to ramp up, and can’t meet demand. Caterpillar was strong, and has always paid dividends and as teckie09 stated revenue drop won’t adversely affect profits, they will still be in the top 10 years. For that reason alone it is a good company to invest in and hold. But the actions they are taking, with all of their lay-offs in order make immediate higher profits, hurt the company and the economy long term. I can’t support that by investing in their stock. We need smart investors who invest in the company and the country, long term. I see another bubble coming thanks to people looking for the quick buck.

POSTED 11/17/2013

Lay-off News:

Caterpillar closing another pant

POSTED 11/13/2013

Dows worst stocks of the year... Caterpillar #1 But read my comment and compare to the "rating lowered" article and my tweet.

POSTED 11/11/2013

WesTrac to cut 630 jobs as part of restructure at Caterpillar heavy machinery distributor 

Tweet: CAT managers & HR knew of allegations of DUI in CAT facility. Apparently no investigation, & no action taken.

More @ 

POSTED 11/07/2013

Launching Twitter account

Caterpillar rating lowered to neutral

POSTED 11/05/2013


Added 2 more plant layoffs and a plant closing

Added the top 5 companies laying off workers in the US (Cat would rank #3)

More Layoffs (links)

POSTED 10/01/2013 & 10/02/2013


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   Siwei bribes


   Retaliation and supporting documents PDF linked

   "Why don't you let this go?" explanation with documents showing contractual expectations


POSTED Pre-launch


   Caterpillar closing Toronto plant, 330 workers to lose jobs

   Caterpillar Inc. closing tunnel-boring plant in Toronto next year 330 employees to lose jobs

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   More than 1,700 Illinois workers warned in May of layoffs

   Union: Timing of Caterpillar layoffs suspicious

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   Peoria, Ill.-based Caterpillar Inc. is planning to lay off 250 to 300 employees in South Milwaukee by June.

   Caterpillar closes Electro-Motive plant in London (460 people lose their jobs when they refused to accept 50 per cent pay cuts)







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Launched October 1st 2013


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Did Caterpillar Inc. have financial Dealings with Blagojevich?

Rod R. Blagojevich is in the news again. An appeals court is going to hear arguments next month on granting him a new trial. I am not saying he is guilty, although he was convicted… but his words:

"It's a f---ing valuable thing…You just don't give it away for nothing…. If I don't get what I want… I'll just take… (it) myself,"

This made me wonder, did Caterpillar Inc. ever have any dealings with Blagojevich where money was involved?

A little research showed that in 2006 Blagojevich awarded Caterpillar Inc. a workforce training grant to enhance the skills of employees at Caterpillar suppliers across Illinois in the amount of $500,000.

One has to wonder why that grant wasn’t awarded to someone else. Caterpillar has spent millions in creating “Caterpillar University”, where employees (and if they wish), suppliers, can receive training. They have experts in every field, whom they could send out to help suppliers, and in fact, they do. That is the actual job description of entire work groups.

So why was a grant of this size awarded to a company that already has the resources and the infrastructure to assist suppliers and do training? Why wasn’t it given to another company that could have used the money to train employees, a company which, unlike Caterpillar, without those funds could not do a training program?

Was Caterpillar the only company to apply for the grant? Given the animosity between Caterpillar and Blagojevich, (IE the letters from Oberhelman letting him know that other governors were seeking to have the company move to their respective states, and Blagojevich’s support for and from unions,) it might seem inconceivable that Caterpillar would play the quid pro quo game with him. But that is a 2 edged sword.  Given that apparent animosity why would the governor have awarded a $500,000 grant to Caterpillar? Maybe he didn’t have any say or sway in the matter of who received the award, but given his history, I doubt that.

It just makes me wonder. Half a million dollars is a valuable thing, and we know how Blagojevich feels about valuable things.
Caterpillar is no stranger to PAC’s and Super Pac’s how to legally donate funds. They are no stranger to tax breaks, and they know the ropes when it comes to using subsidiaries offshore in Switzerland and Bermuda to avoid U.S. taxes. (legal or otherwise per a suit filed against them)

If Siwei proved anything it showed that some people are not above creating misleading documentation…

or possibly accepting bribes to do business….

Caterpillar Inc. is no stranger to receiving money and assistance from politicians they have supported.

LaHood secured $7.8 million to help Caterpillar and its subsidiaries develop technology for potential future military contracts, according to the Post. During his career, LaHood received more money from Caterpillar than any other donors at $160,200, according to CRP's research. LaHood also pushed for $333,000 for a new museum in Peoria that featured the history of the manufacturing company, the Post said. Also, groups stood to benefit from the $2 million LaHood wanted directed to his district for road-paving projects.
It is known that Blagojevich held the controls on a $6B highway program in 2005. A construction program that would not only benefit the companies doing the work, it would benefit Caterpillar because they are a large producer of construction equipment. It is known that Blagojevich awarded Caterpillar a half million dollar grant in 2006.
I am not saying that Caterpillar did any quid pro quo or shady dealings with Blagojevich’s offices, but given those sources cited above, and my own experience with Caterpillar conduct, I would not rule it out as a possibility

Caterpillar probed for dumping train parts

Caterpillar probed for dumping parts in ocean. The dumping... an effort to conceal evidence of charging customers for replacing good parts.

Why dump it in the ocean???? Put it in the scrap yard.

(See SCAT NEWS for my comments)