Caterpillar  is a spoiled child

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Caterpillar waved a magic wand to make billions of dollars in U.S. taxes disappear,” Sen. Carl Levin said today. “This is a prime example of a tax avoided strategy that cost the U.S. Treasury billions of dollars.”

By the way, this was done while Oberhelman was the CFO.

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Is this how Caterpillar treats their dealers?

What is ironic about this is that Caterpillar actually thinks that demanding more sales is going to increase demand. The truth? Demand is what it is and now dealers, in order to continue to be dealers, are going to be fighting for a larger piece of the existing demand. Sure, monitoring equipment electronically and hitting the customer up for after-market requirements is going to improve sales. But that could be done without excluding dealers that have been working with and for Caterpillar for so many years. Now everyone has to fight for a bigger piece of the pie, and there is only so much pie to go around. Another example of unsustainable year over year increase and bad policies on the part of Cat.

Is this how Caterpillar treats the environment?

 Is this how Caterpillar treats their investors?

Poor Caterpillar. They were not awarded a contract because what they quoted was more than what the customer wanted, and they priced themselves out of the contract. How many times was I at a table in Caterpillar where suppliers were telling me that they were displeased because they didn't get the contract because they were offering more than the competitor. What is really interesting about this whole Caterpillar business unit is that someone did not do their homework prior to making the acquisition. If they had they might have found out that the governments and businesses rotate in awarding locomotive contracts. With so few players in the industry, this prevents a monopoly and ensures competition. Good luck next time Caterpillar.

 Is this how Caterpillar treats their customers?

 Is this how Caterpillar treats their customers?

The thing I find most interesting about Layoffs at Caterpillar is the fact that Caterpillar just announced their third quarter earnings. Once again their earnings were record earnings. Yet in spite of this they still did layoffs. Some will say that because of the layoffs, they were able to make record earnings. Record earnings as a growth metric is something that is wholly unsustainable. It is interesting to note that if the pay of executives (which has risen more than 100% since 2009) were cut in half (Back to 2008 levels), that would free up an estimated $61 Million dollars or more. I find it morally objectionable for executives to accept pay increases when they are downsizing. I find it morally objectionable for a company to downsize when they are making record profits. 10 years running.

 Is this how Caterpillar treats their people?

This article was sent to me by a reader. Is this how Caterpillar treats their suppliers?

In 2008 Caterpillar dealt Miller a catastrophic blow by ending the business agreement –

Miller UK claim Caterpillar have used Millers’ own designs to make the rival coupler, drawings only given to them as part of a confidentiality agreement. - "we learned that their coupler was virtually identical to ours"

Anita Roddick once said : ‘if anyone ever thought ‘small’ couldn’t hurt, they have not been in bed with a mosquito’.

Caterpillar probed for dumping train parts

Caterpillar probed for dumping parts in ocean. The dumping... an effort to conceal evidence of charging customers for replacing good parts.

It is bad enough that they appear not to honor contracts, that they lay off 13000+ people, and appear to cheat customers, but they are dumping in the ocean.

Why did this not come out before? Why didn't an employee protest or report it? Simple. Caterpillar can not expect employees to voice concerns so long as they allow managers to retaliate. Their Code of Conduct has no teeth, and is just lip service. Until employees see that managers are held accountable... not only when they get caught by the government or the press... but when their actions are reported by the common worker.

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My Experience Short Version

My Experience Long Version


CEO of Caterpillar, Doug Oberhelman stated: “Our decisions, and ultimately our actions, tell the world who we are at Caterpillar.

To that effect, this site has been created. CATSCAT.NET, along with a letter writing campaign to editors. It is intended to expose, decisions and actions of Caterpillar that may be contrary to their Code of Conduct or might otherwise have negative consequences.


It is my intent to maintain and update this website and continue a letter writing campaign, and over time this website will develop into something that is less about my own personal experience and more about others experiences and Caterpillar in the news... exposing Caterpillar ethics for what they really are.

One might ask why?

The answer is simple. In 20+ years of working in the manufacturing industry, I have never been exposed to an organization, where (in my opinion) the lack of ethics is so blatant. The number of questionable activities and conduct violations I experienced in one department of Caterpillar exceeded that of all of the other companies, where I have been employed, combined. There are "bad apples" in every company but what stood out above all, and drove me to create this site, was the degree to which this lack of concern extended. It went through no less than 4 levels of management, as well as 4 levels of HR. Rather than be concerned about the misconduct that was reported, and the retaliation that was taking place, upper Caterpillar management, including HR, did not stop the retaliation, and, in a way, facilitated the attacks. The attacks were constant, and malicious. While Managers and HR spent their time and efforts looking for cause against, arguably, the highest contributor in the department, whose actions were always in line with Caterpillar policy, others in the department were allowed to, and continued to, commit gross violations of policy and were rewarded. Upper management and HR, even after personally hearing  managers admit to making accusations that were not true, seeing evidence of real and gross misconduct in the department, and verifying that  personal attacks continued, did nothing. The situation or effects of these misdeeds were never rectified.

 The managers were never held accountable. Any investigation must have been superficial since no documents  were ever accepted or requested, and people who gave permission to site them as references to HR with regards to the misconduct in the department and retaliation, (Including plant managers, work directors, coworkers, suppliers and others), stated that were never contacted.


Doug Oberhleman stated: “Accountability is a critical way that we measure leaders at Caterpillar, and it is my expectation that leaders set an example and are accountable for their actions and results.” 


When I began to establish this website, I began to see that there is more to the "example" that leaders have set, and realized that Caterpillar has a way of doing business, a "Catitude" if you will.

Although I no longer work for Caterpillar, if anything, I would hope that this site not only exposes the ethics and "Catitude" to people in general, but that those, in positions to do something, can read it and  make changes to improve the company that I once loved so much.





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